About Me


Naughty Elite High Net Worth Individual…

Not for everyone. Just the special few whom I select to be my special playmate. It’s time for an escape now, isn’t it, my pet?

Erotic Massage and body rubs in Westchester County, Fairfield County, Hudson Valley and NYC.

I’m the original Milking Table Mama Nikki of Bedford, NY

I’m a sexy, mature, sensual, exotic, erotic masseuse who truly enjoys what I do; giving pleasure and relaxation to you with a long slow erotic massage. I’m positive, friendly, worldly, well educated and understanding of your unique needs. I’m able to connect with you in an intimate way which is truly satisfying for us both. I recognize this is really necessary at this time especially when isolation and lack of personal touch is the norm. We all need the touch of another, feeling someone caress our flesh tenderly, keeping us on edge with an erotic massage and likewise, running your fingertips over a warm, sensual curvy mature body. I’m built to thrill and dressed to kill.

Feeling neglected, unappreciated? Untouched for so long? I know you already. Do you need to touch a silky-skinned, mature, voluptuous MILF or cougar? I’d love it! Come to Mama, baby!

I have high net worth individuals and celebrities who enjoy my sensuality and my discretion in keeping a dirty little secret!

Mature and Sensual, Erotic Massage NYC, Westchester County, Fairfield County, Hudson Valley

At this time of my life, I know exactly what makes you tick, I know how to get past your hard exterior and delve deep into your soul to give you the best erotic massage session ever. I’m comfortable with these explorations, therefore, you’ll feel quite comfortable in my presence. This is what it’s like when you’re with me: comforting, relaxing, enjoyable and thrilling. We’ll both have a great time. That’s what it’s all about now, isn’t it? I love sharing my knowledge and years of experience with you, in a quiet, intimate setting.

I have the experience and confidence of a woman that has experienced much and traveled the world to share this with you. Perhaps you’d like to try something a bit different; not so run-of-the-mill. You don’t know how to approach the significant other for the usual fears. I’m here to share a heightened level of sensuality with you because I’m truly understanding. Truly understanding of another side to you that you may not want to expose to just anyone. Confide in me, I won’t judge you, I’ll simply explore sympathetically with you.

I take great care with new guests assisting them on this new exciting path. This will be our little secret. I keep everything I learn about you in the strictest confidence. I have high net worth individuals and celebrities who regularly enjoy my sensual company.

I would like to help you unwind.

Need that welcomed stress relief? Feel refreshed and alive again. I’ll get that bounce back in your step. That twinkle in your eye! You’re special to me. I would like to pamper and tease you beyond distraction. Would you like to be pampered? I mean really, really, decadently pampered beyond bliss? Into a trance? Please be aware that the milking table erotic massage is a dalliance for a select few who consider themselves quite special, henceforth, treat themselves accordingly. It all comes at a price, my pet. What cost is bliss, anyway?

Let my intuitive, empathetic hands transcend you to sheer bliss where the monotony of everyday life disappears and you’ll feel alive, aware and totally rejuvenated to sheer ecstasy and never-before-felt decadent, blissful sensations right here in my tropical, opulent, oasis home.

I have a gentle, sensual, erotic touch with supernatural sublime energy that will send shivers of delight throughout your body, deep into your soul. I’ve perfected an oh so erotic milking table erotic massage that’s totally bespoke, which means customised for you. The time will fly when you’re in my comforting care. You’ll be refreshed, renewed and revitalized!

This is the premiere experience that has evaded you for so long and you’ve finally found it. Treat yourself well and indulge yourself in perhaps a truly guilty pleasure. You deserve it. Don’t you? This will be an unforgettable experience of sensuality that you’d love to share with friends. But will you keep me all to yourself?

Where and When at The Manor

You can rest assured that on visiting me you’ll be entering a very smart, bright, spacious and immaculate home on a private, canopied, tree-lined street that is totally secluded for our complete privacy.

I’d like to warmly invite you into my home in the most elite area of Upper Westchester County, NY. Guest hours are from 11 AM to 6pm, daytime only, weekends included, for new guests. Return guests may schedule for any reasonable time. It’s best to schedule at least a day in advance for a visit as I’m usually quite booked in advance and have one guest per day.

I’ll tell you about prolonged visits when you keep reading below and hours will be bespoke as well as the treatments and exciting new options!


So, you’re asking, what exactly is a milking table erotic massage?

What will she do to me?

It’s similar to a traditional padded massage table with a customized, open area for your “bits and pieces” to fall freely under you, uncrushed, loose and free! The blood flow is increased via gravity, to your manly bits which permits more sensitivity and availability to grow. Amazing? Yes, it is. This is the ultimate pleasure for a man when I have maximum accessibility to every inch of you as you lay prone and perhaps a bit vulnerable to my curious fingers. You’ve never felt this aroused and sensitised, ever.

Why should you choose a massage from me on a milking table? I’m ever so sensual and my touch is divine. You’ll be ever so sensitive to my touch in all the right places all over your entire body while you’re face down relaxing, falling into a trance.


Milking Table Signature Dish

I always wear French or Italian matching brassiere and panties lingerie with garters or suspenders, and Cuban-heeled-to-toe seamed nylons from England. I’m just that sort of sensual, old school, elegant female. Terribly sexy, don’t you think? I feel so sexy and sensual dressing like this for you. And for me, of course! Or, perhaps would you like to undress me?

Let my intuitive, empathetic hands transcend you to sheer bliss where the monotony of everyday life disappears and you’ll feel alive, aware and totally rejuvenated to sheer ecstasy and never-before-felt decadent, blissful sensations. We’ll have incredibly hot and steamy, mutual caresses with respect, of course; which is totally interactive, my pet. An excruciatingly exquisite erotic massage in unadulterated pleasure, and you may massage me. Scroll down later for the new and exciting absolutely decadent options too naughty to describe in words right here.

Would you like to try a bit of kink perhaps? I’ll secure you to the table with leather restraints and ever so gently tease and caress you, absolutely everywhere! I’ll use sensory deprivation techniques to relax you and bring you gently, expertly into my world. So delicious! So hot! This is optional; not mandatory. If you prefer no restraints nor blindfolds, so be it. It’s all about you and your comfort, baby. I’m going to relax you into a state of sublime bliss.

Have you tried edging? I’ll have you on the edge forever. From the moment you cross my hideaway threshold.

Perhaps an interior massage for you? I’m ever so gentle, ever so sexy, my pet. Use your imagination. I’m ever so sexy, ever so naughty and forbidden. I’m quite hygienic, I use 2 pairs of sterile latex gloves and gobs and glorious gobs of silky lube for your greatest comfort, arousal and pleasure.

Do you have a burning desire to massage all of me, all of my luscious curves, my pet?

This is all totally bespoke or customised, just for you.


Classic massage-700/90 minutes 

Milking Table experience-

  • 90 minutes $ 800
  • 2 hours $ 1k – highly recommended for the first visit
  • 2 hours with a friend $1.6 K
  • 2.5 hours $ 1.2 K
  • 2.5 hours with a friend $ 1.8 K
  • 3 hours 1.4k
  • 3 hours with a friend $2.2 K
  • Gratuities are never expected but graciously appreciated!

Winds of Change Interlude for the very select few

high class elite masseuse westchester

Amour fou, (crazy love)

Winds of change will be blowing in soon. Where will they blow you? Or will you continue to ignore the primal calling? Or will you stand up to the call, the need, for the decadent intimacy only a skilled, mature sensual woman will offer you in the privacy of her globally-curated antique furnished lusciously landscaped private hideaway tucked quietly away? It’ll be our dirty little secret, n’est-ce pas? Would you like to know a bit more about me and why I will be your dirty little secret? And, oh Lord, why you’re mine as well? And how we’d reciprocate unspeakable pleasures?

I’ve travelled the world and I’ve gained exotic knowledge to enhance and enlighten your visit with me. I’ve learned how to give pleasures of the ways of the East when I lived on the fashionable side of the Bosporus overlooking the glimmering sea in Istanbul from an exotic, modern-day harem Madame in her tiny underground, a secretive oasis of pleasure.

I’ve learned wickedly naughty tricks of depravity from a gigolo in Tangiers, Morocco who serviced men and women. And sometimes both at once! Way too much fun, my pet. How do I know? Guess, my pet.

I’ve learned what it’s like to spend a long, slow afternoon or evening lounging poolside or sailing along the shoreline, tasting mouthwatering, juicy fruits, extremely fresh-caught fish, soft, silky cheeses and wonderful bubblies while being caressed by the sun and an intermittent breeze at a villa overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. I’ll recreate this for you in my tropical oasis that has been expressly designed for this decadent pleasurable interlude. milking table massage miami

I’d love to share a sudsy bubble bath or stimulating Jacuzzi bath with you in the lavish marble en suite. I’d love to give you a total-body skin renewal treatment followed by a magical mud wrap with heavenly products I’ve collected on my travels; or not. Your preference, of course. Perhaps, you’d like to massage me and cover me in the lovely silky mud and then rinse me off? Delicious and oh, so sensual and sexy. Tingling yet, my pet?

Please realize that this is totally wicked, so stupid or inappropriate questions won’t be answered and you’ll be blocked if you can’t read between the lines my pretty.

Two recent references from upscale providers are necessary or an active LinkedIn account and your business email for newbies. I’m quite discreet with the info and I must know exactly who is going to be spending such decadent, lavish times with me. Let’s slip away my pet! Splurge on yourself. We only live once. Let’s rock. I love it and you will too.

2 hours are 3K, with a sexy friend,4 K

Exciting new options!

Let’s go for a cruise!

miami mature escort

Would you like to visit with me on a 95' pirate ship on Long Island Sound, matey? We may even go out to sea on a lovely day or perhaps a sunset cruise. We may spend time on deck sunbathing and feeling the calming breezes of the sound. We may also spend some delicious, luscious, decadent private time below deck in the ensuite master stateroom. Think about it. So naughty; so private. I’d love it and I know you would, too! My discreet captain, Captain Jack Sparrow, stays on deck the entire time and will grill us the most delectable tomahawk ribeyes ever! Or something else if you prefer.  We'll have the time of our lives and will have total privacy and it'll be the best ride ever!

4-hour cruise is $5k
6-hour sunset cruise is $7k


and a friend may join us! Check my other, more detailed site!

How about a good old-fashioned sleepover?

I’ll arrange a super-sensual event for us. We’ll have a super sensual mutual massage, have a delectable lunch, at The Manor or a restaurant, or lounge in total privacy in my lush gardens, have another naughty romp and then have a wonderful dinner prepared by me. Then we’ll return to my home for a relaxing after-dinner drink and some more reciprocal forbidden fun and then some sleep.

miami mature masseuse escort

I’ll arrange for a delicious light breakfast and that swagger will be back in your step and I’ll love the smirk on your face that’ll stay for days. This is totally bespoke so hours and events may be adjusted accordingly.

24 hour visit is $12k
36 hour visit is $16k


The Classic Massage:


This is my version of an exotic, erotic massage on the traditional, heated table for the more traditional man. Very sensual, with warm, long, sensuous strokes to refresh, rejuvenate and restore your tired, aching muscles and remove all your stress. I’m totally nude, or perhaps in stockings and garters. Terribly sexy, don’t you think? There’s no touching me; it’s a classic, non-interactive massage. You’ll fall into a state of bliss. I’ll wake you when it’s over!

90 minutes $700


The Day of Your Erotic Massage Appointment

You’ll be given instructions and directions in advance to our tryst. Once welcomed into my antique Victorian farmhouse on 9 acres, we’ll enjoy a glass of Prosecco or Champagne if you like and we’ll discuss in-depth what you’d like to experience that day and any details you might have mentioned via email or telephone in a softly-lit, inviting room, seated in cozy chairs. I’ll ask you to reiterate your desires for today’s encounter. I’d also like to learn your limitations. So if you’re a newbie, I’d like you to give this some thought in advance. If you’d like to add any background information that will be useful to me to produce the best experience ever, now is the time. I would love for this to be extremely memorable for us both.





Video Dates

I’m offering the hottest SKYPE & FACETIME sessions. Isn’t this so hot? In the privacy of your home, office or car? How naughty is that? I’ve had two car clients already this week!

$140/half hour, $180 per hour. Phone calls are $100/half hour. Paid with Apple Pay to 914-433-6766


MANDATORY DEPOSITS FOR IN PERSON VISITS 50% deposit and light screening required.

Cash app to $NicoleSilverman

Venmo Nicole-Silverman-7

Apple Pay and PayPal to 914-433-6766

or amazon gift card for video or chat only to [email protected]

One other thought! I have some sensual naught friends that would love to join us so sign up for the newsblast and check the latest blogs here:


So, you’re asking, “what’s a milking table?” A milking table is much like a traditional massage table, except it has been customized for the comfort and pleasure of a man — no more wiggling and shifting to avoid crushing your most delicate parts. It makes for the utimate erotic massage experience.

My new erotic massage table is designed to give me maximum accessibility to your entire body while you are face down, thereby allowing you to experience erotic sensations you never felt before! 

Lots of fun! Naughty fun, my pet. Oh yes, very naughty fun. How I love this!

Thank you!

Looking forward to our encounter,


Please contact me through the reservation form on my site:


Name: Nikki West Main City: Bedford, NY Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Curvy Measurements: 38DD-26-36 Height: 5' 7" Weight: 111 lbs Race/Ethnic: Italian Age: 50 1st Language: English Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Redhead Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Shoulder-Length Breast Implants: No Tattoos?: A few Smokes?: No